Prostatitis treatment - pills, massage, at home

A doctor prescribes medication to a patient with prostatitis.

Prostatitis is a disease that causes many dangerous complications if not treated properly. There are many methods to get rid of the disease, but choose betweenhome or clinical treatmentit is necessary depending on the degree of neglect, as well as on the basis of the recommendations of the doctor. Treatment of prostatitis should be started only after examination.

exploratory survey

The type of treatment depends on a preliminary examination and an accurate diagnosis of the disease. It mainly includes blood and urine tests. But this is necessarily done before the conversation between the patient and the doctor to identify the complaints. Although there are indications to treat prostatitis with folk remedies, the examination cannot be avoided.

Urine analysis

After a conversation with the therapist, the man undergoes examinations. Please note that before doing this, you need to meet some conditions:

  • it is not possible to change the infusion regimen 2-3 days before the start of the examination;
  • salty and sour should be excluded from the diet, and meat consumption should be reduced;
  • you need to avoid strenuous physical activity before the analysis;
  • Certain medications should be taken with caution.

Important! If non-compliance with conditions leads to a change in the composition of the urine, the diagnosis will be more difficult.

When analyzing prostatitis, laboratory personnel take into account the presence of proteins, bacteria, glucose, and acetone. Along the way, other components are examined that may be indicative of the onset of complications of prostatitis: salts, ketone bodies, white blood cells, red blood cells.

Blood analysis

Unless otherwise indicated by a specialist, before treating prostatitis, you need to have a blood test. Depending on the degree of neglect of the disease and the possible causes of its occurrence, different analyzes or their whole complex are prescribed. Without fail, white blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood are checked. In addition, tests for sex hormones, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as biochemical analysis are possible.

Blood is usually donated early in the morning. On New Year's Eve, you should not eat fatty foods and drink alcohol. It is also not recommended to smoke 1. 5–2 hours before coming to the laboratory. This is a question about the accuracy of the research results, it is better not to play with it.

Prostate and bladder ultrasound

This test is needed to measure the amount of urine left in the bladder after going to the toilet. The data obtained help determine the extent of the disease, and suggest the correct treatment of prostatitis.

In addition, ultrasound is the primary means of detecting prostate cancer. Fortunately, such a diagnosis is rare in prostatitis, but you need insurance.

Prostatitis medicine

After examining and determining the cause of the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment for prostatitis. Althoughprostatitis responds well to home treatment, which is usually not possible without medication. The main emphasis when choosing a drug is antibiotics.

However, there can be many options, they depend on the cause of the disease. So, if you choose drugs to treat prostatitis in men, the treatment of prostatitis in men is usually prescribed by a urologist?

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Their main task is to eliminate swelling that accompanies the inflammatory process. In addition to performing the main task, they perfectly relieve pain characteristic of chronic prostatitis.
  2. Antispasmodics. They are used in acute forms of prostatitis and cannot be used as main drugs. They are often taken in conjunction with anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical products.
  3. Adrenoblockers. Such drugs for the treatment of prostatitis facilitate urination by eliminating nerve impulses in the affected area.
  4. Immune stimulants. They increase the body's ability to fight the viruses that cause prostatitis. A good option is a drug that mobilizes the body's immune system, accelerates the healing process and eliminates possible complications.

Important! It goes without saying that none of these drugs can be used without a doctor's recommendation. It's not so much about side effects, but about the specific nature of each case of prostatitis. By the way, do not forget about vitamins, as they also perfectly stimulate the immune system.

Massage treatment

AlthoughProstate massage and proven to be a great tool, help get rid of prostatitis, it has not yet become popular. This is because the procedure is done by inserting a finger into the anus. For some men, this is a serious blow to self-esteem, but in vain - there is no shame in such a treatment, but health recovers after a few sessions.

The massage technique is to stimulate the affected prostate gland, resulting in increased blood flow in this area. This organ receives twice as much oxygen and nutrients through the blood. This does not lead to the disappearance of the disease, but in combination with other methods, it helps to accelerate the healing process, as well as reduce pain.

Unable to self-massage, you need to use the services of a specialist, even at home. If an inexperienced person enters the business, it can damage the prostate gland or cause very severe pain for the patient. Also, do not massage for more than one minute more often than once every two days.

A sign of positive dynamics is the secretion of a few drops of prostate juice after massage, which must be taken for analysis to control the disease. Remember that in case of severe pain during massage, you should stop the treatment and consult a specialist.

Surgical intervention

Operation is indicated when the disease begins and serious complications begin. In other cases, the doctor tries to avoid surgical intervention on the prostate gland, because such a surgery is very risky and can cause more harm than good.

Indications for surgical treatmentProstatitis can be as follows:

  • the outflow of secretions of the seminal vesicles is disturbed;
  • abscess appears on the surface of the prostate gland;
  • unable to urinate due to severe narrowing of the urethra;
  • stones in the prostate gland;
  • prostate gland begins to exceed 8 cm in volume.

In other cases, the operation, as a rule, is not regulated. In addition, with some contraindications, surgical intervention becomes impossible because the risks are too high. Among them: cancer, diabetes, liver failure, cardiovascular disease.

Existthree main types of surgical treatment for prostatitis. . . The purpose of each of them depends on the type of disease, its degree of neglect, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient.

  1. Transparency surgery. It is prescribed in case of prostate enlargement more than 80 mm. Recovery time is about a month.
  2. Prostatectomy, it's also an open surgery. Necessary to remove stones from the prostate gland. The recovery time depends on the age of the patient, but should not exceed three months.
  3. Endoscopic surgery. It causes the fewest complications and is required to remove prostate tumors. The recovery time is sometimes no more than a week, but can last up to a month when complications occur.

Any of these operations can be performed using laser technology. This shortens the recovery time and significantly reduces the risk of complications. In addition, such activities are recommended for people with blood clotting problems.

Physiotherapy treatment

Physical therapy not only facilitates the treatment of prostatitis, but also helps to alleviate the consequences of the disease. You should not only treat these ways but must combine with medical methods. Otherwise, efficiency will be reduced. So how to treat prostatitis with physical therapy?

Applications of ultrasound

A great way to reduce swelling and promote the flow of lymph from the prostate. This method combines well with spa treatment, since in this disease it is advisable to rest and recuperate from daily worries. Remember that the lower the intensity of the ultrasound, the more effective the treatment.

Mud therapy

For the treatment of prostatitis, it is best suited to sandy mud and peat mud. Many experts speak positively about inserting mud swabs into the rectum, but you should handle this with caution.

Cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen

The essence of the method lies in the effect of the low temperature generated by liquid nitrogen on the affected cells of the prostate gland. The substance is delivered to the required locations through specially prepared tubes through the perineum or rectum. This method is effective, but quite expensive. By the way, the treatment of chronic prostatitis is especially good when taking the drug after undergoing a course of cryotherapy.

Despite the fact that physical therapy has been proven to be good, you cannot limit yourself to it alone. It is imperative to combine the treatment of prostatitis with drugs, massage and periodic visits with a suitable specialist.

Treatment of prostatitis at home

It should be placed immediately that the treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies requires consultation with a urologist. He will not only tell you the most effective ways to use those funds, but also warn about possible side effects.

Pumpkin seed recipe

Prostatitis has long been treated with pumpkin seeds. To prepare the product, you need about 500 grams of the above product. In addition, honey is required. From the mixture of these two ingredients, you need to form many walnut-sized pellets. They are eaten 2 times a day. Moreover, you cannot swallow the pill immediately, you need to chew it for as long as possible in order for the ingredients of the medicine to ferment.This home remedy for prostatitis guarantees a quick recovery.body after the final recovery.

Recipe - rectal suppositories

The next method is unusual, but very effective. It includes the use ofhomemade rectal suppositories. . . It will take 3 tbsp. tablespoons of rye flour (not wheat! ), one teaspoon of honey, one egg. From this set, dough is kneaded, rolled into sausages no more than 4 cm long. They are taken out in the freezer and used twice a day - in the morning and at night before going to bed. Of course, you should not insert frozen suppositories into the anus, you need to let them warm up a little. If chronic prostatitis is being treated, you need to see a urologist for advice. By the way, this method is well complemented by prostate massage.

Homemade rectal suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis

Dried Aspen Peel Formula

For another alternative treatment, you will need about 100 grams of dried poplar bark. It must be crushed, put in a jar and filled with 200 grams of vodka. Alcohol is not suitable - too strong, the effect will not be the same. After the elixir has lasted for 3 weeks, you need to start taking it at the rate of 20 drops per 150 grams of water. Curing prostatitis is not only effective, but also delicious! Drink three times a day before meals. The tincture will last for two months.

This is what prostatitis treatment looks like. Regardless of the method you like best, you need to consult a specialist, as well as take into account your individual characteristics. If you follow this advice, the treatment will go smoothly, and the disease will go away from you forever!