Folk remedies for prostate inflammation in men: treatment principles, formulas

herbs to treat prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease. Lots of men get it, from all the annoying symptoms that come with it. Unfortunately, with age, the risk of developing the disease increases dramatically. A good solution is that you should find effective folk remedies for prostatitis at home, because most drugs often contain too many chemical compounds, have many contraindications and many side effects. Today we will look at some reliable, well-known and popular folk remedies for prostatitis. Let's learn all the features of home therapy. Of course, in any case, it is important to consult a doctor, specialist and conduct the necessary examinations. If a doctor prescribes therapy, his recommendations must be followed. But you will always be able to supplement medicinal herbs with folk remedies to enhance the effect, to get the best results with such a complex treatment.

prostate healthy and inflamed with prostatitis

Symptoms of Prostatitis

In most cases, people are very delayed in getting to the hospital or clinic. A man can observe unpleasant symptoms for a long time, but at the same time not go to the doctor. This is the wrong method. The longer the patient goes without treatment, the worse the disease progresses. This means it will be more difficult to treat. The optimal solution is to go to the doctor as soon as suspicious symptoms appear.

The following are the most obvious signs of a characteristic clinical picture:

  1. Feeling that the bladder has not been completely emptied.
  2. Urinating becomes painful, significantly difficult.
  3. The groin area often feels uncomfortable and itchy.
  4. A person suffers from mood swings, gets tired quickly, and can be disturbed by sleepiness at any time of the day.
  5. Efficacy is markedly reduced. The ability to have an erection may be weak, and ejaculation may occur at the earliest. It should be understood that an unnatural delay in ejaculation is also a bad symptom.
poor potency in a man with prostatitis

Experts note: when prostatitis is only in its early stages, it is much easier to treat. At this stage, the use of folk remedies for prostatitis is completely justified, because they do not cause side effects, do not contain harmful ingredients harmful to health.

Be extremely careful! If you find yourself with the corresponding symptoms, in any case, do not delay seeing a doctor. After all, prostatitis is a rather dangerous disease. He suffered from many complications, including melanoma. It is imperative that you visit your doctor regularly and consult with your doctor.

Healing Herbs

It is important to understand that prostate replacement therapy is primarily restorative. It also aims to relieve the main symptom, the pain syndrome. Traditional medicine helps to get rid of spasms, provides rapid tissue regeneration, allows you to restore reproductive function and restore sexual activity.

When the state of remission is stable, prostatitis is in the early stages of development, male remedies should be used. Let's take a look at the most popular, most popular ones.

  1. Sage tree.As soon as unpleasant sensations appear in the groin area, you need to start prevention. A decoction of wormwood with thyme is very useful. In this case, you need to take 4 parts thyme, 1 part wormwood. For 300 ml of water, just a teaspoon of the herb mixture is enough, as the broth will become thick anyway. It should be taken only 20 grams. This exercise should be done 30 minutes before a meal. Therapy is carried out for a period of one month.
  2. Parsley.This plant is very suitable for the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases. Leaves with roots are used, as well as parsley seeds. The juice from parsley leaves is very useful. You can take moringa about 100-200 grams, squeeze the juice, drink it right away. This is done half an hour before a meal. Seeded roots are more suitable for making tinctures. You need a spoon of the mixture. Pour boiling water on top (you only need 100 ml), leave for a day. Drink 25 grams, twice a day.
  3. King tree.This medicinal plant contains many vitamins and precious trace elements. But concentration, dosage should be small. Just one drop of fresh juice is diluted in 50 grams of water. Take 10 drops, but every day the dosage is increased by one drop. When the dose is increased to 40 drops, it is no longer increased. This therapy can be done for two months. Sauna with celandine is also very helpful. The solution is a decoction of the dried leaves of the celandine. They need to be taken at a ratio of 1 tablespoon to 2 glasses of water. The mixture is boiled and then left to cool. It is recommended to do enema 2-3 times a week, because this helps you eliminate toxic compounds, cleanse the body.
celandine tincture to cure prostatitis

Now we must consider in more detail the following folk methods, recipes for prostatitis: it is pumpkin seeds, as well as onions, mummies, honey and beekeeping productsis different.


We start with an onion. It is the most available, helps to eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis, it has a positive effect on the endocrine system, as well as male reproductive functions. There are many traditional medicine recipes that use onions.

We will focus on products that have long proven themselves and have earned the trust of specialists.

  1. Onions are a menu staple that is a great choice. It turns out that it is useful for all representatives of the strong half of humanity if to include green onions in their daily diet, as well as simple onions. You can alternate: one day varied the menu with green feathers, another day eat the head or half of an onion. For example, a good solution is to cook a vegetable salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onions there. It is not only healthy but also delicious.
  2. Onion tincture is a good aid when the inflammatory process is developing in the prostate gland. The recipe for alcohol jelly is extremely simple. You should take three medium-sized onions. It should be earthy, with a rather pungent taste and smell. The tubers are rubbed on a fine blender and then poured in three cups of water at a temperature of about 90 degrees. It should be emphasized in one day. Then it remains only to take the 30 ml alcohol result. You can do this exercise 8-10 times a day.
  3. Even onion peels have healing properties. It must be thoroughly washed, boiled for five minutes. Then the resulting broth is simmered for three hours, filtered. It is recommended to take one tablespoon, three times a day. This therapy can be continued for two weeks.
  4. Onion juice contains many vitamins, a variety of valuable trace elements. Squeeze out water right before going to bed. The best option is to use one medium-sized onion, one teaspoon of honey. This is an excellent remedy in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. If you have chronic diseases of the digestive tract, you can drink this juice after meals.
  5. Onion seeds are very useful. They must be thoroughly dried and then ground in a coffee grinder. Remember that the seeds must be fully ripe so that they already contain all the necessary trace elements. Mix chopped onion seeds with honey. Then you can put the mixture in the refrigerator. Just eat half a teaspoon of this mixture, twice a day. It is best to do this after meals, in the evening and in the morning.
Onion broth cures prostatitis

Onion is quite an attractive remedy in the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases, as it is readily available and many men also enjoy the taste. It is important to be careful for men who have abnormalities in the work of the stomach and digestive tract. You should always monitor the general condition of the body to exclude all kinds of side effects.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have long been known as the ultimate product for maintaining male health. They contain a large amount of vitamins, trace elements especially useful for the male reproductive system. If you regularly consume pumpkin seeds, it will be an excellent prostatitis prevention. Once the disease has started to develop, they are also very helpful.

Pumpkin seeds have a complex effect on the male genitourinary system: remove blockages, perfectly stimulate urinary excretion. In addition, the elimination of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland is ensured.

Experts note that it is especially important to use pumpkin seeds to prevent the development of chronic prostatitis. It is important to remove it completely.

Pumpkin seeds cure prostatitis

It's important to note that pumpkin seeds are completely healthy. That is, it is important to use not only the kernel, but also the seeds, along with the shell. It is in the unpeeled pumpkin seeds that the maximum useful substances are preserved.

Pumpkin seed powder

First of all, the seeds need to be dried. You will then need to grind them thoroughly in a coffee grinder (blender works too). Puree to make powder. The dry powder should be taken with water. Half a teaspoon is enough. Drink twice a day, should do the course for a month, repeat every 6 months;

Honey ball

This is just a great recipe for all men who care about their health and fertility. You will need a kilogram of pumpkin seeds, two glasses of fresh honey. Try to find real natural honey, the last harvest. Pumpkin seeds must be rolled in a meat grinder so that the seed mass becomes soft and uniform. Then mix the seeds with honey. In the next stage, balls with a diameter of about 2 cm will be molded from the resulting block. You have obtained an excellent tool in the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases, prostate gland. These balls are healthy, nutritious, taste good and are like a dessert. It is recommended to drink them 30 minutes before meals, 2-3 times a day. The course will last a month and you should repeat it at least once a year.

honey and pumpkin to treat prostatitis

A great option is to include pumpkin seeds in your daily diet. Literally forty pieces a day is enough to provide the body with a valuable amount of the substance. And this will be the optimal way to prevent diseases of the male genitourinary system.

Honey and beekeeping products

Honey makes an ideal preventive and curative agent to support men's health. But it is important to understand that honey, like other beekeeping products (for example, propolis), can cause allergic reactions. Make sure you are not allergic to honey.


You can buy it in a specialized store, from professional beekeepers. It is pollen that contains the most trace elements, vitamins, especially useful for men. This is how pollen works: it normalizes the general functioning of the reproductive system, stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension in the groin area. If a person has ever had prostate diseases, and wants to prevent recurrence, they should consume pollen regularly. During treatment, as part of preventive measures, it should be taken with a teaspoon of the product, three times a day. The optimal course is two weeks.

honey pollen from prostatitis

Propolis alcohol

This tool has long received great trust not only from traditional medicine practitioners but also good specialists. Propolis tincture is often used precisely for the treatment, effective therapy of diagnosed chronic prostatitis. It is necessary to use the remedy for a long time, according to the course, periodically resume the course. The tincture is prepared as follows. You need to take one hundred grams of propolis, and then grind it in a blender very fine. Then the mixture is combined with alcohol (you need 200 ml). In a glass container, the composition is kept for a whole week, but at the same time, it is necessary to shake it from time to time. When everything is ready, it remains only to strain the good tincture. Store it only in the refrigerator. Drink tincture with just one teaspoon, about two hours before bedtime.

Propolis tincture for prostatitis


Honey itself is a unique product packed with impressive nutrients. It is extremely important that it is natural, without any processing, additives, or artificial ingredients.

It is recommended to look for freshly harvested honey. Remember that after a few months, it starts to become sugar coated.

If the honey has been kept for six months, but it's viscous, transparent, then in front of you is honey with additives, overheated. There is little benefit from this. Using honey is very simple: just include it in the daily menu, use it instead of sugar, sweets, desserts. You can eat honey with nuts, dried fruits.

Pumpkin seeds and honey treat prostatitis


A good solution is to contact professional beekeepers, in a trusted specialty store. And there you will be able to buy a bee. It is an excellent beekeeping product, rich in vitamins, unique trace elements. Perga has a positive effect on male potency, supports normal reproductive function, restores the work of the entire genitourinary system as a whole. Perga should be taken as a course, for about 2-3 months in a row. To make it work better, it is consumed on an empty stomach. Just one teaspoon is enough. After a month's break, you can already double the course.

Please note: a break between courses is also necessary so that an allergic reaction does not develop to all of these products. It is best to alternate them.

Coniferous bathroom for men's health

Sometimes, prostatitis begins to bother the background of the development of a bacterial infection. In this case, a pine bath, which has an active antibacterial effect, will be of great help. This procedure has the following targeted effects on the man's body:

  • relaxation, improved urine flow;
  • visceral secretion is restored;
  • inflammation is gradually eliminated;
  • pain syndrome disappears;
  • Blood circulation is stimulated, helping to regenerate tissues.
Pine bath for prostatitis

Learn how to prepare a special concentrate for conifers on your own. You will need 200 grams of twigs. Cedar, spruce, pine are suitable. Pour boiling water over them (2 quarts is enough) and then simmer for about a few hours. Almost all the water will evaporate and as a result you will get a healing conifer extract.

Pay your attention! The extract should be fresh, so take it right before taking a shower. Then you will get the maximum of nutrients.

Fill the tub with not too much water so that your body is no higher than your chest. Rub the pelvic area for about a quarter of an hour. You need to stimulate blood circulation there. Such a bath can be taken daily, the course of which is two weeks.

Propolis candle

Another effective folk remedy for prostatitis is prostatitis healing with propolis rectal suppositories. You can easily make them yourself. Such suppositories provide excellent cell regeneration in organs, and also have an analgesic effect. In addition, propolis also helps reduce inflammation in the prostate gland.

candles from propolis from prostatitis

To make candles, you will need to stock up on propolis and cocoa butter. Freeze propolis and then grind it to form a crumb. Oil needs twice as much propolis. Mix propolis with oil. Then it remains to form small candles, about 1. 5 cm long. Use only once daily, at bedtime, rectally. When a man has chronic prostatitis, he will benefit from this therapy for two months. After a month, you can continue the course.

Use various folk remedies for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, acting in a complex way to achieve the best results.