Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

Any illness requires an individualized approach and patience. In order to completely eliminate all symptoms and create conditions in which the pathology will not return, it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of treatment. In men, prostatitis is particularly common and often occurs in a chronic form. Accordingly, the therapy will be prolonged. In addition to traditional medicine, folk methods should be used to treat prostatitis.

prostate healthy and inflamed with prostatitis

Herbs to help

Folk remedies are primarily herbs. They easily cope with a large number of unacceptable symptoms in men. There may be bio-based supplements available. They are not drugs and medically recommend their use only as an adjunct to primary treatment. At the same time, homemade products are no less effective.

To achieve this goal, it is important to prepare the prostatitis remedies properly. It can be infusions, decoctions, tinctures and even juices. They are used both internally and externally. You just need to choose the right formula that works in this particular case.

Useful infusions and tinctures are prepared from both roots and leaves or shoots. Alternatively, recipes may include only the flower, fruit, or seed of the plant. Therefore, it is important to read the ingredients list carefully and use exactly what is indicated.

In order not to lose useful qualities and not change the effect of the finished solution, it is important to prepare it correctly.

Chamomile cures prostatitis

As a rule, only porcelain or glassware is used. Almost all products are prepared in a water bath. Then the mixture is recommended to insist for 30-60 minutes and cool. In some cases, the medicine needs to be filtered, but it is possible that, conversely, you will have to use the medicine after shaking it.

To eliminate signs of inflammation in men, it is important to use drugs with astringent properties. Tannins and mucilage would be appropriate.

In order not to be poisoned, you need to prepare daily decoction and infusion. Only tinctures are prepared for a long time and stored in a dark place. This is due to the fact that alcohol acts as a preservative that prevents the growth of bacteria in the medicine.

The duration of treatment for men should be at least two months. After the break, you can continue to treat prostatitis with this or that other treatment.

Common treatments

For men who are facing a problem like prostatitis, traditional medicine offers a lot of ways to use herbs. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Pumpkin seeds. They have been used since ancient times in the treatment of male ailments. Due to the presence of a large amount of zinc, it is possible to normalize the condition of the prostate gland. For those who decide to treat diseases with pumpkin seeds, the following method should be applied: 500 grams of seeds removed, washed, crushed. They need to pour a glass of honey. The mixture is made into balls with a diameter of 1 cm. You need to eat two tablets a day, chew slowly.
  • Pumpkin seeds cure prostatitis
  • Garlic is used for prostatitis. It contains vitamins, acids, trace elements. In addition, it has antibacterial properties. Garlic should be eaten regularly.
  • Often, the recipes offered by traditional medicine include propolis. It has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties and even relieves pain. There are different ways to use propolis. These can be enemas, tinctures to drink, and even candles. You can use the recipes with propolis for a long time. As a rule, the course is carried out every three months for 30 days.
  • In addition to propolis, traditional medicine recommends treating prostatitis with dead bees. Two tablespoons of the product should be poured with boiling water in the amount of one liter and boiled for two hours. The product is used chilled twice a day for 25-30 days.
  • In addition to the above ways, ginger is often used. Medicines and infusions are prepared from it. The following recipe is especially popular: mix 10 grams of ginger and one hundred grams of vodka. The mixture is infused for two weeks, after which it is filtered or consumed 12-14 drops three times a day.
  • With the position of the prostate gland, the treatment of the disease with enema is especially effective. For this purpose, different recipes are used. It can be a decoction of chamomile, yarrow or sage. This procedure helps to reduce inflammation and speed up the regeneration process.

Pleasant treatment for prostatitis

Folk remedies rarely have a pleasant taste, but at the same time it is possible to distinguish among them particularly delicious tastes.

Asparagus juice cures prostatitis

With prostatitis, fresh juices from special vegetables and fruits are often used. Thanks to them, they can not only destroy inflammation but also detoxify the body, which has a positive effect on prevention.

In a book on traditional medicine, there are recipes based on asparagus juice. In this case, there is a positive effect in the presence of stones of the genitourinary system and prostate gland. The juice has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. To get a noticeable effect, just drinking two glasses of fresh juice a day is enough. It can be mixed with carrot juice.

You can also treat prostatitis with elderberry juice. To prepare the product, it is enough to stir Art. l. juice in a cup of distilled water. The preparation is taken on an empty stomach once a day. This allows you to improve urination, lower body temperature and eliminate inflammation.

Features of the treatment of acute and chronic processes

Methods of treating pathology in acute or chronic form can be different. So, in case of severe symptoms, you should use Roman chamomile, St. John's wort, linden, celandine. These herbs must be mixed in a 2/2/1/1 ratio. Next, the mixture is placed in a water bath and heated for thirty minutes. Next, the finished broth must be filtered and drained into a clean bowl. The mixture is used twice a day after meals, 150 grams each time.

An excellent effect in acute prostatitis has a mixture of wormwood, birch buds, rose hip and plantain. These ingredients must be mixed in a ratio of 2/1/1/1. Ready-made broth is also used in half a glass, but only three times a day.

herbal tea for prostatitis

A mixture of sage, nettle, elecampane, mint and horsetail is prepared in the same way. It is important to infuse the infusion for an hour so that all the beneficial substances are fully absorbed. Using this formula, you can treat not only prostatitis, but also bladder pathologies associated with impaired urine excretion. A mixture of cumin, juniper, licorice, and parsley will help relieve pain.

When there is a chronic process, it is important to normalize the work of the affected organ, accelerate the regeneration process and exclude the development of complications. A mixture of herbaceous, hernia, horseradish and birch will help in this. All ingredients are mixed and soaked in boiling water for an hour. It is recommended to consume half a glass twice a day.

Calendula, yarrow, fennel and nettle work great. You can also use a mixture of buckthorn, mint, valerian, and sage. All these recipes must be prepared daily and used 2-3 times. As a rule, the duration of treatment should not exceed two months, after which a break is given. In the event of a chronic process, it is important to conduct quarterly courses until the signs of pathology are completely eliminated, this is confirmed by laboratory research methodstest and tools.

Other tips of traditional medicine

To normalize blood circulation with prostatitis, you should go to the bathroom regularly. To increase the effectiveness of steaming in a steam room, it is allowed to use essential oils of sage, lavender and mint. When choosing a broom, it is better to give preference to ferns. All this will relieve pain and improve the general condition.

After taking a shower, it is important to replenish lost fluids. For this purpose, herbal teas are used: Ivan tea, Rhodiola rosea, linden, thyme. Don't forget honey. It has a general strengthening effect on the body. You can use a bath to get rid of prostatitis only in the absence of an acute phase.

leeches for the treatment of prostatitis

In addition, along with herbs, it is recommended to apply the method of steam therapy. To do this, you can go to the clinic or do the leech nesting yourself. This procedure has the following effects:

  • improves blood circulation in the affected area;
  • normalization of the blood picture;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • relieve pain and pressure.

Leeches are recommended to be inserted into the perineum in an amount of 4-5 pieces. After a certain time, they disappear on their own. To achieve results, five procedures should be performed with a break of several days.

With the right combination of several pathological treatments at once, very good results can be achieved. It is important to carry out procedures and infusions for a long time, but only after consulting a doctor. Also, we must not forget about traditional medicine.