The cure for prostatitis for men at home once and for all

Today I am going to answer a question that many people are interested in: how to cure men from prostatitis exactly once and for all so that it does not come back in the future.

Home treatment is one of the important steps in getting rid of this male disease. It's no secret that many mainstream drugs have not been completely cured, and they are still suffering from prostatitis. Bored with doctors, men began to look for unique methods, tried to cure diseases with traditional medicine methods, bought medical drugs online, but the results were still zero. What's up? You will soon find out. In this article, I will reveal to you the real recipes for prostatitis, I will show you how you can cure dull chronic prostatitis yourself at home. Almost quickly, I will point out why the commonly used methods are ineffective.

How to understand that a man has prostatitis

Recall the main signs of prostatitis. In fact, many men have pain and discomfort but cannot do anything about it, because they do not know they have prostatitis.

Signs of acute prostatitis:

  • severe pain and a burning sensation in the perineum;
  • pain and pain when urinating;
  • increased body temperature;
  • may drain pus from the urethra.

Signs of Chronic Prostatitis:

  • also burning, pain, discomfort in the episiotomy;
  • Painful radiation to neighboring tissues and organs, for example, to the testicles;
  • frequent or difficult urination;
  • weak sexuality;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • general impaired health.

But usually, chronic prostatitis is almost asymptomatic, causing little discomfort. This is often the reason for not seeking medical attention. But untreated and neglected prostatitis can lead to impotence, prostate adenoma, and even cancer.

So you need to fight it, and how will you learn today.

The reason for prostatitis

To understand how to deal with prostatitis and how to cure it, you first need to know what causes it.

It's simple, for there are only two main reasons:

  • ;
  • as well as impaired blood circulation, congestion in tissues.

There are other causes of prostatitis, but they are special cases of the two above or their consequence.

In other words, the prostate gland becomes inflamed if harmful microorganisms enter or become activated, as well as if normal blood circulation is not guaranteed due to a delay. That is all. In addition, these two reasons are closely related. After all, the infection only multiplies in the prostate due to poor blood circulation, has to fight against foreign enemies.


Let's see if prostatitis has to do, how to cure. And you only need to exclude the above pathogens.

Treatment will be to eliminate the two main causes of prostatitis. And you can even do most of the treatment yourself, as the official medicine will only help you half way. Only yourself, you can completely cure the disease, so that after a while you don't have to run to the doctor anymore.

Cured by removing infection

An infection can enter the prostate gland for a variety of reasons. These are genital infections, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Urethritis, angina complications, flu. Pathways of entry - blood, lymph, during intercourse.

That's why at the first sign of prostatitis, see a doctor immediately. Home treatment is powerless here. Only he can identify which infection is causing the inflammation and prescribe a course of treatment. You may need antibiotics or other medications.

But usually, due to impaired immunity, as well as a buildup in the prostate gland, the microorganisms that are always inside us are activated and lead to inflammation. Therefore, you need to prevent this. Prevents stagnation in the prostate gland, as well as boosts immunity, and will be a more independent treatment for prostatitis and its prevention.

After eliminating blood stasis in your internal organs, as well as enhancing overall health, you can forget prostatitis forever, cure it. And no microorganisms can initiate the inflammatory process (not counting highly pathogenic microorganisms, of course). And this is the only way for you to self-treat and prevent prostatitis. What are we gonna do now.

Do not overcool

Frequent hypothermia or cold sitting can cause male disease.

This is due to improper heat transfer in prostate tissues, as well as the activation of harmful microorganisms.

So be sure to exclude this factor, otherwise the disease cannot be cured. If you are being treated for prostatitis, you cannot sit on an air conditioner, otherwise there will be no meaning in the treatment. If the seats are cold on public transport, it is better to ride on the route while standing or wearing thermal underwear. For those working outside, I also recommend wearing thermal underwear. If you are driving in winter, turn on the heated seat. If it's not supplied by a car, close it yourself, buy a heater or worst of all, get a warm pillow in the house. But don't overdo it with heating, too hot is also harmful.

Fixed seat

For many people, their professionalism is tied to their sitting a lot. Consequently, congestion occurs in the pelvic region, leading to a decrease in the arterial blood supply to the prostate gland. This means that much new oxygen-rich blood cannot enter the organ. The cells in the prostate gland receive no nutrients and are less resistant to infection. The pelvic area is already prone to blood stasis, and constant sitting aggravates the condition.

That is why all men should remember that it is impossible to sit in one place for a long time without rest, otherwise there is a high chance of getting prostatitis. Need to rest during sedentary work, warm-ups and even better pelvic exercises. If you already have prostatitis, you need to rule out continuous sitting, otherwise prostatitis simply cannot be cured. Take a break, get up, warm up, walk, find a way out of the situation. And what to do for people whose job specifically involves sitting regularly and having no way to get up.

Fixed sitting

Of course, getting rid of blood stasis will be more difficult, but there is still a way out. In this case, try to change the position of the pelvis and spine more often, shifting the weight to different sides of the pelvis so that the load does not pour into one point. If possible, place your bent knees under the pelvis. Also, use a pillow so that the main weight falls on the leg, and less pressure on the prostate gland. And while sitting, use a great exercise called the moola bandha, which will help alleviate prostatitis, but I'll talk about it in a little while.

Motion healing

If you not only sit for a long time but also lead a sedentary lifestyle, this will also lead to a stagnation in the pelvic area, which in the future could lead to prostatitis. So, to prevent illness, you not only need to rest, but also be active. Participate in light sports, if possible, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are already sick, you just need to work to disperse the blood in the pelvic area. Normal walking is fine if you don't have time to exercise but need to do it every day. Great if you exercise in the morning, with imperative pelvic and leg exercises. Better yet, practice hatha yoga poses, especially inversion poses. They help with prostatitis, but then much more.

You should not take part in heavy sports if you have prostatitis or you have a predisposition to it, such as weightlifting. They have been shown to have negative effects on the prostate gland.

In order to recover from the disease, it is imperative to do exercises for a while. Dr. Evdokimenko's exercises are very helpful. Be sure to read and try. You should feel the effect within a few days.

Troubleshooting, troubleshooting in other agencies

Our bodies are closely linked together. If there is a problem in one place, it will certainly be reflected elsewhere. Inflammation of the rectum or urethra, stool disorders, constipation, and hemorrhoids can cause prostatitis due to poor blood supply, as well as infection. If you are being treated for prostatitis, you need to see what remains in the body and remove them at the same time. Therefore, many people cannot be cured, because only prostatitis treatment forgets about having sex throughout the body. You can cure male diseases, for this, practice a healthy lifestyle.

How to cure prostatitis in men with a healthy lifestyle and boosting immunity

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, exercise a little, consume unhealthy food, obesity, drink alcohol and smoke, forget the elimination of prostatitis. The treatment your doctor prescribes will not be effective. First of all, you need to disperse the blood in the prostate gland and maintain the body in a healthy state, increase immunity. After all, the weak immune system is the gateway to infections, including those that cause prostatitis.

During treatment, you need to practice a healthy lifestyle, try to eat healthy food and increase immunity. To increase immunity, I recommend using a contrasting shower, which will be very helpful for prostatitis, as it trains the blood vessels of the entire body and promotes the dispersion of blood. even in stagnant areas.

Alcohol and smoking

During treatment for prostatitis, it is better to quit alcohol, quit smoking. Many people have written about the harmful effects of alcohol and smoking. But people continued to drink and smoke. If you treat any disease, not only prostatitis, and also poison the body with alcohol and nicotine, the effectiveness of the treatment will be negligible. Why waste time to cure like that and still get sick. Therefore, get over yourself and eliminate bad habits at least for the duration of your treatment. Drinking alcohol is difficult to cure.

Medical therapy with massage

Prostate massage is used to eliminate congestion and improve blood supply.

It is effective against all types of prostatitis.

Massage is done through the rectum, through the anus, as well as through the tissues of the perineum.

Although you can massage yourself the first method, it is better to leave it to a specialist.

Male cure with massage

However, the external episiotomy can and should be done periodically if you want to quickly heal the prostate gland. If blood becomes stagnant there, this will negatively affect not only the prostate gland, but also the entire reproductive system, as well as other organs. For example, massage outside the episiotomy is also a preventive measure of hemorrhoids.

Using a circular motion and gentle pressure, massage the perineum between the anus and scrotum.

This massage method is always used in Taoist practices to improve sexual energy and practitioners have never had problems with male diseases, including prostatitis.

You can use a tennis ball for this purpose. Sit on it and massage the perineum with all kinds of movements. Remember to watch this video about prostate massage, which also shows how to cure our pain.

Heals with a healthy sex life

Let's talk now about one of the main causes of prostatitis and what you need to do to not have prostate problems. Without this cause, it is generally not possible to cure other male diseases.

It can be said that the largest percentage of patients with prostatitis is for this main reason. In order to cure prostatitis, you need to establish a healthy sex life. What does it mean?

Very harmful to the prostate gland when sexual arousal occurs without subsequent discharge in the form of ejaculation.

Energetic lower body: the reproductive system is filled with arterial blood, reduced venous flow. When natural intercourse is combined with ejaculation, energy is lost (given to the woman or simply dissipated), and blood circulation is restored. If you do not ejaculate, the blood will be stagnant, badly affecting the prostate. People who end sex without the desired end will inevitably get prostatitis, and never be cured.

If you think you're not at risk because you always end up ejaculating, then I will disappoint you. The fact is, in today's sexually liberated society, we often get signals that stimulate the male reproductive system. This is an image of nude women accessible on the Internet and on television, indecent behavior of modern women in everyday life.

Although it seems all these signals are insignificant and have no effect on the body. But the brain still emits small nerve impulses, leading to the overall genitals often filled with energy, not satisfying the libido. After all, we cannot ejaculate all the time with any negligible daily euphoria.

That's why you don't need to regularly watch porn, adult content on the Internet. But if you really enjoy this activity, do as little as possible. And if you've committed such a sin, end the finale naturally. If you don't have a partner, do it yourself. Of course, this is not the best option, and I do not recommend satisfying yourself. But for the health of the prostate gland and to heal it, it would be better to dream about sex, browse nude women on the Internet, without ejaculating afterwards. And best of all, if you don't want prostatitis or aggravate the condition, you need to seek healthy sex and refuse to watch nude girls on the Internet and in magazines.

Being healthy means being with your partner regularly and exercising at the right frequency. Having sex regularly is also harmful. They lead to overactive prostate gland, which weakens and has tolerated the onset of more severe infections. But if we rarely have sex, even when we are not aroused, ie we don't think about it, then this is bad. The prostate gland is an organ that must function and fulfill its function. She periodically produces secretions. The ducts are filled with fluid, the patient does not empty it, as a result of obstruction and inflammation of the prostate gland, and then impotence.

Consequences of impotence prostatitis

This is why frequency of sex is so important if you want to cure prostatitis. How to define it? Coming to healthy sex, you will stop worrying about it. You will periodically have sex exactly when the body wants, not a perverted mind, to watch pornographic movies or magazines. It is your body that will tell you when to do it. The frequency of sexual intercourse varies from person to person, depending on age, health, and energy. So listen to your body, if it really wants to, don't interfere with the natural call. Have sex as soon as possible and make sure to end with ejaculation. But then stop thinking about him, don't browse the Internet to find adult websites. After all, there are more interesting cases. This is the only way to keep your prostate gland healthy and healthy.

How a man can quickly cure prostatitis at home with moola bandha

There is a very amazing technique that not only stops the development of inflammation in the prostate gland but actually helps in curing prostatitis. I have been convinced of this from my own experience. If you are desperate and nothing helps you, try this simple technique, I assure you, you will forget the painful symptoms forever.

This is pulling the lower abdomen, the muscles inside the genital area, the perineum, and squeezing the anus. That is to use up all the muscles of the genital area, as well as the muscles surrounding the prostate gland. Strictly speaking, there are three different techniques:

  1. contraction of the lower abdominal muscles, genital muscle;
  2. contracts the perineal muscles between the anus and the genitals, which is the mula bandha;
  3. ashvini mudra, anal spasms.

For effective healing, you need to combine these three techniques, and for convenience many call it simply moola bandha.

This is a very good exercise to remove prostate obstruction. To enhance your health and treat prostatitis, you need to do it several times a day, each time from 5 to 10 minutes. You can practice lying down, sitting at work, not being noticed by others in any spare time. The main thing is to do it smoothly, consciously, with no effort and sudden movement. Try low count to get started, track your health. Mula bandha should not be taken for acute prostatitis and its exacerbation. First, you need to remove the cause of the infection, push all the infection out, completely cure the acute phase of the disease according to the doctor's instructions.

Healing in reverse poses

For male healing, you will also need to perform reverse asanas from daily hatha yoga. Sarvangasana (famous birch tree), karani viparita and khalasana (plow pose). Just choose one and do it daily during prostatitis treatment is enough. With the support of the asanas, when the legs are higher than the body, we allow venous blood to drain out of the stagnation.


Contraindications: headache, high blood pressure. At the same time, carefully perform these postures for cervical bone necrosis. Without fanaticism, the important thing here is not the perfect performance of the exercise, but rather the pelvic bone above the heart, for better blood from the genitals to the heart.

How can you permanently recover from chronic prostatitis by walking with your buttocks

Having a great exercise will help to disperse blood well in the pelvic organs and combined with other methods will help cure prostatitis. This is the so-called butt walking. It will be helpful not only for men but also for women, as it heals many organs of the small pelvis.

Just sit on the floor, legs out front and slightly out, hands out in front of chest level.

Start walking with your butt. We move forward to the right side of the body, legs, buttocks, shoulders and arms outstretched, left. Then move to the left side of the body and the arm to the right. Hence, movement occurs. The more repetitions, the better. But it is not recommended to perform exercises for acute prostatitis. Wait until the pain ends, try to cure the acute phase of the disease first.

How to cure dull chronic prostatitis with folk remedies

There are also traditional medicine formulations and treatments for prostatitis. How can you help with prostatitis at home?

Pumpkin seeds, birch leaves, yellow roots, celandine, Kalanchoe, poplar bark and other nature gifts are used.

But these methods will only be useful in complex treatment and only if you follow the recommendations I gave above.

Remember that prostatitis cannot be cured with folk remedies if you haven't eliminated the infection with traditional medicine. If you continue to sit a lot, exercise a little, sit in a cold place, drink alcohol. If you have the wrong sex life.

To be honest, I have not tried to cure prostatitis with these traditional medical methods. The advice I gave before was more than enough for me.

So we summarize the article, I will briefly talk about how to cure prostatitis effectively.

Summary of article

Prostatitis, like many diseases, cannot, simply cannot be cured in one way. Only one integrated approach will help you. You need to combine treatment with traditional medicine while following my advice from this article. Only in this way will you forever forget what prostatitis is. I assure you, because I have experienced it myself and can defeat prostatitis once and forever cured. The main thing is to embrace it, not to be lazy, to believe in your success. Can chronic prostatitis be cured permanently and completely at home, if not many people do not believe it is possible? I firmly asserted that yes, I could cure the disease on my own, since I myself had cured prostatitis, I shouted "lightning fast" while defeating it, and how, today Itold you guys.

Can cure prostatitis

Why can't so many people recover? They just fail to do comprehensive treatment and continue to mock the prostate. For example, they go to see a doctor, go through treatment, and then go on with the lifestyle that led them to the disease. Or they plunge into traditional medicine without eliminating the cause of the inflammation. Or they overlook the great treatment for prostatitis: moola bandha, buttocks.

Therefore, first consult a doctor, go through a course of treatment, try to cure the acute phase of the disease. Then follow my recommendations.

Reduce, or rather stop drinking.

Do not refrigerate too cold or sit on a cold surface.

Have a healthy sex life.

Moving a lot, not sitting for long, if the job involves sitting continuously, you should rest, change your body position, put your feet under your buttocks, periodically squeeze your anus.

Massage the perineum.

Daily exercise for prostate: bandha moola, buttocks, inverted asanas.

After a while, magic happens, prostatitis will leave you forever. But it is not a miracle, it is your work. You can cure this unpleasant disease, everything is in your hand, victory is inevitable, this is the law of nature. I repeat, cured, this is a fact.